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History of this car

There are no papers or history with this car or information about when it was imported into the UK; a tax sticker on the windscreen shows it was in Italy in the 1970s but no more is known. UPDATE 05.02.2023 we now have the certificate of origin from Fiat Classiche which shows the car was manufactured in September 1971.

The original colour looks to be a desirable graphite grey with a red interior.

A previous owner has started to convert the Dino into a track day car by partly dismantling it and fitting a welded-in cage. Then the project stopped for unknown reasons.

The car is substantially complete, and due to the remarkably solid shell, offers the following possibilities:

1) Completion of the track day idea – this would after all make for a distinctive competition machine, and surplus parts could be sold to pay for the build, or:

2) Due to the integrity of the shell, a straightforward restoration back to a standard road car (the cage can be removed in an hour), feasible in the home garage by a competent amateur or as a down time project for a professional restoration company, or:

3) Breaking. A potential fortune of parts here (the original steering wheel alone is worth £1500), including the possibility to re-shell a rusty example using the body of this car. The reality is most of these Dino coupes with their complex body constructions are either rusty or have old short cut restorations as the cost to professionally weld one up is around £20,000.

Marque specialist Dino 2400 (aka on YouTube as Mark’s Italian Garage)  have made a movie regarding the body integrity of this very car:



This is the real strength of this example and as all the trim has been removed, the shell’s condition is easy to see with excellent floors with no bodged old repairs. The body itself is very straight with the usual trouble areas such as inner wings, leading edge of the bonnet and boot lid etc all nice and crisp, the only areas of rot noted are the battery tray and parts of the rear valance.

The original graphite grey paintwork is visible in door shuts, although the rest of the paint has been part sanded down and primed.

The bright work is generally very good; the glass is undamaged as are the lenses including the valuable rear lights, which are common to the Miura SV.


The main items identified as missing on this car are the radiator and the crankshaft, both available new from the likes of Superformance. One camshaft is also missing, again available new.

The engine heads and block look corrosion free, and the removed parts include a rare undamaged magnesium sump.


The dashboard, gauges and steering wheel are still in the car and look in good condition. All the seating and door cards are removed and again look in good order and will go again.


If you don’t have £70,000 for a perfect example of one of these fantastic cars, here’s a chance to build your own with real equity potential.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this car is sold as an incomplete project and we have done our best to identify missing items and photo document what removed parts exist. Some other parts may be missing and buyers need to carefully look at the imagery supplied as we do not warrant completeness of the vehicle.

Having no papers, the car is sold on strictly a bill of sale basis only.


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